Tuesday, 23 August 2016

The final push - putting it all together.

In March 2016 I started the final assembly. I designed a front panel for the sound generator section in a standard 3u subrack type enclosure.

Also had to make some slight changes to the main framework of the machine to be able to fit a front panel to that.

Here are some pictures of that process:

Front panel made using Schaeffer AG front panel designer:

Assembling the final array of IR phototransistors:

Drilling out the other front panel:

Assembling the rear panel of the sound generator sub-rack unit. PSU / VCFs /and VCAs visible:

Starting to rebuild the programmer with circuitry inside:

The row of blue preset pots here control the 12 different volume levels available on each of the three envelope sections, the other circuit board is the motor and lightbox control circuitry:

Starting to install the graphic input modules:

Most of the circuitry connected together:

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