Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Finalizing the other circuits

I still needed to transfer all the test circuits into soldered permanent circuit boards, and also design and construct some simple utility circuits for combining CV and audio signals.

These were:

  • Main VCO
  • 2x Multiplexer/Waveshaper Circuits
  • 2x Voltage Controlled Filter
  • 3 Channel Motor Speed Control (Drive / Wind / Rewind)
  • DC Mixer for combining the Pitch/Octave/Vibrato control voltages
  • VCAs and simple audio mixer for combining the two different waveforms and allowing for the spring reverb send/return. (I completely cheated on the spring reverb and just used a Doepfer modular unit. I had totally run out of money and time, and I already had this unit in my studio.)

Most of these I made on stripboard, except the waveshapers which I designed PCBs for. Some images below give the general gist.

Twin VCF circuit based on an R.A. Penfold design:

Multiplexer based 16/32 step waveshaper board:

Slider PCB for waveshapers:

3 channel stepper motor control for transport mechanism:

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